I, Baron Sir Patri du Chat Gris,
Seneschal and podesta of the barony of Carolingia in the Eastern Kingdom of the SCA, with the consent of the Great Council of Carolingia, by this present charter confirm and recognize that the Guild of Musicians and Jongleurs of the Barony of Carolingia holds and shall hold its rights entire and its liberties uninjured, and I agree to maintain the guild in its ancient liberties as written below, to be had and holden in perpetuity.

Officers: the Master or Mistress of the Guild, being a baronial officer, shall be appointed by the Seneschal with the advice and approval of the Journeymen and Masters of the Guild, and none shall be appointed Master or Mistress whom the said Journeymen and Masters shall refuse to accept. Such officers of the Guild may deem necessary shall be appointed and may be removed by the Guild internally without let or hindrance. The Guild shall choose some suitable insignia for the Master or Mistress.

Structure of the Guild: the guild shall consist of two groups, Jongleurs and Musicians, which shall not be mutually exclusive. In each group there shall exist the ranks of Apprentice, Journeyman, and Master. Apprentices shall be received upon application to the Master or Mistress of the Guild. The ranks of Journeyman and Master shall be conferred upon those who in the opinion of the existing Masters have properly fulfilled the requirements as given below for these ranks, with the Master or Mistress to have the deciding voice in case of disagreement. The requirements for each rank shall be as follows:

For an Apprentice: No requirement save interest and reasonable commitment.
For a Journeyman: 3 months service and the ability to perform the basic dance tunes used in this barony, in correct tempo and rhythm on his own instrument (for singers, ability to beat a clear and correct rhythm on a percussion instrument), and to perform with the group at least two pieces of performance music in good style.

For an Apprentice: The ability to read and write modern musical notation.
For a Journeyman: 3 months service and (a) ability to read (to transcribe for performance) some form of period notation, such as Gregorian notation, lute tabulature, or mensural notation, and (b) knowledge of the basic points of medieval musical theory: viz., the hexachord system, the rules of consonance and dissonance, and the basic rules governing musica ficta.

For a Musician Master: Composition and performance of at least two pieces of music in period style, and continued study of medieval theory and style; at least 6 months service.
For a Jongleur Master: Six months service and ability to rehearse and direct in performance at least two pieces of ensemble music.

It is desirable that a Journeyman of one group be at least an apprentice of the other, and a Master of one group be at least a journeyman of the other, and especially that if possible the Master or Mistress of the guild be both a Master Jongleur and a Master Musician.

The Guild claims the following ancient rights and privileges:

  1. The Guild's presence and performance at any event shall not be assumed, but it shall be each Autocrat's responsibility to consult the Master or Mistress of the Guild about plans for music and dancing, at least one week before the event, and also to see to it that such agreements are carried out (i.e., that time is set aside for presentation of agreed-upon performances.
  2. The Guild shall not be asked to play during a meal, without their consent obtained prior to the event.
  3. Adequate rest periods shall be provided. In general, the musicians shall not be asked to play for more than fifteen minutes continuously, and the Guild claims the right to ask that the mechanical jongleur be put into existence and use temporarily, so that musicians may dance.
  4. The Guild recognizes an obligation to help provide musical instruction for interested persons. Remembering that for most Guild members music is a form of livelihood, the person seeking in instruction and the instructor shall come to terms of payment acceptable to both.

The Guild undertakes in return to provide music for listening and dancing, and to endeavor in general to increase the understanding and appreciation of medieval and renaissance music in the barony and the Kingdom.

Sir Patri du Chat Gris, Podesta Carolingia
Christophe des Champs
Guiseppe Casazza

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