Wayte's Gigs: Christ Church Fair

December 6 AS XXXII/ AD 1997

A mundane gig, for honorarium; mixed vocal and instrumental performances.

Performing: Udalrich, sackbut and voice; Godith, recorder and voice; Tatiana, voice and percussion; Harald, percussion; Alienor, recorder and voice; Gabrielle, recorder and voice; Tibicen, recorder and voice.

Playlist: Coventry Carol, voice/recorders; Venez Ouyr, voice/sackbut/percussion; Clog Bransle, Bransle de Chevaux, Hermit's Bransle, Old Alman, New Alman, Lorayne Alman, and Galliard L'Ennuy qui me tormente, various permutations of instrumental.

-- Tibicen

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