Come and celebrate the gentler arts with the fine and noble burghers of the Ivory Keep! Study with some of the finest scholars in the East, discuss the latest news of the day over lunch or entertain your friends at our bardic circle. And what would Carolingia be without dancing? Dance the evening away in a Ball of the grandest proportions! Our beautiful (and VERY dry site) is Tufts University (no street adress), Medford, MA 02155.

The site opens at 10am and classes start at 11am. A dayboard lunch will be provided for a small fee. Around 4pm there will be a bardic circle, followed by a break for dinner. People can either bring a picnic dinner with them or go one of many local restaurants. Please note: there will be no kitchen or dishwashing facilities of any kind, please plan acordingly. At 6pm Their Excellencies of Carolingia will hold court. Following court (around 7pm) will be a grand ball. All are invited to dance to the most modern and popular dances of our time, played by those reknowned musicians, the Carolingian Jongleurs. The administration has requested that soft-souled shoes and similiar footware be worn at the dance site. Please plan accordingly.

The site will close promptly at 10pm. Anyone staying after 10pm has graciously volunteered to help clean up. Anyone who stays to clean up will have the Keep's eternal gratitude. The building closes at 11pm, and the site must be clean and shiny.

The autocrat is eagerly seeking teachers for a variety of classes. Also, if someone would like to mediate a discussion of a PERIOD topic of the day, this would also be welcome.

Merchants are welcome as space permits. There is no merchant fee. Merchants must reserve in advance.

There is no site fee. Reservations are not required but an RSVP would be helpful so we can prepare accordingly. There will be changing facilites and a childrens' room (supervised children only please) at the class room site. The site of the Ball will have changing rooms, but as it is in a large, well trafficed building, people are encouraged not to leave their belongings unsupervised. People are requested to take all their belongings with them to the Ball site; when Court starts, the Class site will be pretty much abandoned.

From the Southwest, West, and Northwest: via Routes 2, 9, I95, or the Mass Pike (Route 90) exit onto the Boston circumferential, Route 128 (I95) and proceed to its intersection with Route 2 (exit 29A). Go east on Route 2 to the junction of Routes 2 and 16. Turn left onto Route 16 east (Aewife Brook Parkway). Follow Route 16 through two full traffic lights. Take the next right, a sharp turn, onto Powder House Boulevard. Packard Avenue, the third left, leads onto campus. See * for site locations, *** for parking.

From Boston, the South, and the South Shore: follow the South East Expressway (Route 3 north) to I93 north to Exit 31 (Mystic Valley Parkway). At the fork, take the right (sign reads "Meford Square"). At the lights in the square, take a left on Main Street and continue down to Harvard Street (there's a set of lights there). Make a right onto Harvard Street. At the end of Harvard Street is the Powderhouse Rotary. There is a big field at the rotary. Keeping the field to the right, go down Powderhouse Boulevard to the lights at Packard Avenue. Make a right onto Packard Avenue. You are now heading into campus. See * for site locations, *** for parking.

***A block past the flashing light on Packard Avenue is Talbot Avenue. There is no street sign, but to your left you will see a red, barn-like frat house with a "OX" (theta chi) in big white letters. Make a left onto Talbot. Note the last building you pass on the right is the Ball site. At the end of the block, make a right onto College Avenue. Make a right into the parking lot. To get to the Campus Center, go back down Talbot Avenue; it's the brick complex on the corner on the right-hand side. See * below for Class site location. There is also parking on Packard Avenue, Boston Avenue, and the local side streets. Be careful of local parking signs. If you accidentally park in an illegal spot on Tufts Campus at worst you will get an un-enforceble parking ticket from the Tufts Police. If you park in an illeagal spot in Medford/Sommerville your car will be towed before you take the key out of the ignition.

Public transporation
BUS: Take the #96, #94, or #80 to the Tufts Memorial Steps. Go up the steps. Be careful if it's raining or snowing, they are exceptionally slippery. The building on your right is Eaton Hall, the class site. See * for Ball site location.

T: Take the Red Line to Davis stop. Leave through the College Avenue exit. By the busses will be a sign for "Tufts Safety Shuttle". The shuttle will take you to the Campus Center (student union building). OR, exit through the Holland Street exit. Cross the street and turn left. Make the first right (a 90 degree right, not the little fork thing behind the barber shop). Go straight until you hit a fence (about 6 blocks). You should belooking out onto a field. Turn left, then right at the corner onto Packard Avenue. You are now heading into campus.

*There are two sites, one for classes and one for the Ball. Classes will be held in EATON HALL, uphill. Go up PACKARD AVENUE and turn right at the top of the hill onto the quad. You will pass a stone cannon, a church, and Eaton Hall is next to the church on your right. OR if you are at the CAMPUS CENTER take the Tisch Library Steps - just look uphill, they are big and light colored, you can't miss them. Go all the way to the top, Eaton is on your right.

The Ball site will be in JACKSON GYM on Talbot Avenue, part of the Aidekman Art Center complex. From Eaton Hall, go behind the building and down the Tisch Library Steps. At the bottom, cross the street and go down one block. The next street is Talbot Avenue. Make a left onto Talbot, Jackson Gym is midway down the block on your right. NOTE: These are walking directions. The closest you will get your car to Eaton Hall is the top of Packard Avenue (about a block away). Please plan accordingly. The Ball site is fully car accessible.

If you get lost, ask a student for help. Tufts is a small campus and our sites are in well known locales. Signs will also be posted in abundance.

MAPS - warning! this is a BIG file!

For questions, merchanting, teaching info, and reservations, contact Sabine Berard (mka Mara Kaminowitz), <mkaminow@eecs.tufts.edu>.

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