Wayte's Gigs: The Revel at Known World A&S

May 17 AS XXXII/ AD 1997

(At Some Point Really Soon Now, as chief instigator of this thing, I fully intend to actually do a write-up explaning just what it was and how to do it. It was sufficiently daunting to do, that I keep putting off documenting it.... -- T.)

The Revel was, um, this multi-art performance/party for Countess Mara's birthday. Thirty-three performances/participatory art things in 2 1/2 hours. Just shy of half of the things were dancing "for all who will", for which the Waytes played or the Quire sung.

Performing: (As best I recall!) Gwellian, Allyson, Godith, Aurylia, Tibicen, Gwendolyn, Alienor, Gabrielle, Isolde?, John d'C, Harald, Yocef?, Federach? (help me out, people!)


-- Tibicen

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