Black Rose Ball Playlist, AS XXXIIII / AD 2000

Set I (7pm -- 8:15pm)

Scottish Bransle
Lorayne Alman
Hearts Ease
Bransle Montarde
Black Nag
Gathering Peascods
Leoncello Vecchio
Horses Bransle
Random's Fancy
Vicar's Alman
Maltese Bransle

8:15 (Break): Hole in the Wall

Set II (8:30pm -- 9:30pm)

Carolingian Pavan
Galliard (with kicking at the tassle)
Bransle Charlotte
Parson's Farewell
Jenny Pluck Pears
Rostiboli Gioioso
Pease Bransle
Picking Up Sticks
Fickle Ladies
Madam Socilia's Alman

9:30 (Break) Baronial Court, with processional to Belle Qui pavan

Set III (10pm -- 11pm)

Bransle Pinagay
Black Alman
Sellinger's Round
Petit Vriens
Upon a Summer's Day
Bizzaria d'Amore
Hyde Park
Bransle L'Officiale
Rufty Tufty
Gay Gordons
-- Tibicen

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